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Bridal Bouquet II

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Now that I've talked about the origin of the bouquet, we need to understand a little more about it.

There are different types of bouquets. I've separated some of them here, so we can see your options a little better.

Round Bouquet

One of the most popular types of wedding bouquets. This model usually follows the line with a single flower. I specially like the mix of flowers for this format too.

Arm Bouquet

These beautiful arrangements feature long-stemmed flowers and foliage that the bride cradles in her arms. It is elegant, for taller brides, in addition to allowing the bride's dress to be the center of attention, as she holds it on the side and not in the center.

Waterfall Bouquet

Made popular with Princess Diana, the cascading bouquet features flowers that fall gracefully towards the ground.

Deconstructed Bouquet

These typically smaller bouquets are perfect for bridesmaids. The compact cluster of flowers is tightly wrapped and often emphasizes greenery.

Ideal for more modern brides, asymmetrical bouquets have a more "messy" look, with a great mix of flowers and diverse foliage. They are always seen in rustic and boho weddings thanks to their more relaxed look. That's why a bouquet of country flowers, for this type of arrangement is beautiful.

Its main features are asymmetry, even in the most traditional formats, flowers of different species and stronger shades – marsala, eggplant, purple – mixed with pastel ones, for the most modern brides, or just in neutral tones – nude, pink, yellow – for the more classic ones.

You can enter my website and see in the Projects tab several options of wonderful bouquets


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