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Decoration with "BRAZILITY"

Brazil is a tropical country rich in biodiversity and with a population that is beyond creative. Despite this, we always import foreign ideas and styles. However, that has come to an end, or at least we are moving towards it. The concept of BRAZILITY is gaining strong supporters and becoming the new trend. It reinforces the typical characteristics of our country, our culture and the lifestyle and habits of the Brazilian people.

Decoração de festa da Feijó Design. Brasilidade na Cabana do Luai

For centuries we were a European colony. Even after our independence, we were massacred by its customs, fashion and trends. Christmas decorations with snow, fur coats in winter, in short, there are countless examples of imports without the slightest sense. This got worse in the middle of the last century, when we also absorbed North American customs and, with that, we left our roots even more aside.

The concept of BRAZILITY is also a trend in decoration. No more copying Europeans and North Americans. The idea is to create cozy and, above all, personalized and original environments. We are going to rescue the essence of what it is to be Brazilian, through the tropicalism of our flora and, mainly, the charisma of our people.

To translate BRAZILITY into decoration, my idea starts with decorative pieces and elements. The concept is to apply handcrafted and natural objects made of clay, wood, fibers, among others, to projects. They are produced by several regional communities spread across Brazil. In addition to being beautiful, we are encouraging handmade work. We guarantee their survival and prosperity with that. We also have pieces made of stone or iron as a good option, since Brazil is one of the largest exporters of ore in the world.

Decoração de festa da Feijó Design. Brasilidade na Cabana do Luai

For the colors, as Brazil is a happily tropical country, the strong tones translate this concept well. The color of this year is fuchsia, lucky us. It mixed with orange, red and yellow are an explosion of joy. That doesn't mean we'll only work with warm tones. I say again, the idea is to use vivid colors. The blue and its variations can be combined with beige and together we will have a seaside concept. You can play with earthy tones of color, associated with the green of the forests, in lighter and darker tones. It will certainly bring an elegant setting to your decor.

For the trousseau (towels, table runners, placemats, napkins) as well as to rugs, I believe we can abuse the application of colorful prints. The neutral fabrics in their natural colors can be applied too. Everything will depend on the project line taken.

For furniture, I don't think we need to go too far. Straw, wood, rattan, rope and leather, are the flagships in this beautiful motion of BRAZILITY.

Anyway, BRASILITY came to stay, with strength and a lot of personality. It will be my flagship. I am sure that we will do many charming projects, both in Brazil and abroad. They will show what Brazil has the best.


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