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Get married in a Restaurant

This is undoubtedly a very interesting option when we talk about Mini Weddings.

For some time now, people who choose to get married in restaurants have been looking for us. In the last 5 years this has increased significantly. I decided to talk a little more about this, since Mini Weddings are everywhere.

Restaurante Vicolo Nostro decorado por Feijó Design

Gastronomy is the flagship

When the venue is a restaurant, the cuisine is the highlight of the party.

You choose the place that best suits your taste, the one capable of making the moment an unforgettable gastronomic experience for both you and your guests.

When a chef works in his own kitchen, everything tends to perfection, which is extremely valuable when it comes to a party. The kitchen service is impeccable, since the entire team is used to the place and knows exactly how to make sure you enjoy the best of that moment. There is nothing to fear!

Another relevant point is the beverages. Usually, restaurants have a very interesting wine list, bar service for drinks and beers, in addition to all other non-alcoholic options. A good deal is in order here. The idea is not to worry about missing or over-buying these items.

VIP Guests List

This is a crucial item in this undertaking. When we talk about a restaurant, we have to keep in mind the capacity of the place. In my point of view, this party format will be successful if you understand that your list cannot exceed 100 guests on average.

We will have several interesting options in this reading, keeping in mind that the smaller the number of guests, the greater the offer of seats.

There are restaurants that work with private rooms for events without having to stop serving their everyday customers. Others close the venue entirely for the party. It really all depends on the number of guests and your needs or desires.

Now I'm going to take a break, because we certainly have a watershed starting with the next item. If you don't want to worry about these items, here is certainly your place. On the other hand, if you are that kind of person who likes to customize everything, maybe this is not a good idea, better rethink.

Complete and ready-made structure

Restaurants have all the infrastructure ready. They are within safety standards and approved by regulatory bodies. Dining room, bathrooms adapted for the disabled, reception with lounge, valet parking and security. In addition, of course, to the fully equipped and adapted kitchen.

Another relevant aspect is the team of professionals involved. All are employees of the venue or under their responsibility, so they are used to working together to make your event a success. From the entrance, where guests are received by the valet service, reception, security, cleaning service, meters, waiters and kitchen service, they all work like a gear.

The dance floor party

It is very important that you consider this item when making your choice. I'm not talking about a rule, of course, but some places don't have the infrastructure or space for a track. Others have an area for dancing, but with stricter rules regarding the type of music and sound volume. Before hiring the space or the service of the professionals involved, you should talk to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, I've seen situations where a customer thought it would be okay to hire a band to play. When the professionals arrived for the assembly, they brought amplifiers and all the structural equipment. Guess what, they were stopped at the door. It is a pity what the lack of prior agreement causes on the day of the party.

The important thing is that you understand all this beforehand and think about it. A DJ or one or two musicians will often fulfill your need and are within the norms of the venue. Thus, your event will have excellent entertainment.

The Decoration Project

When we choose a restaurant, in addition to gastronomy, we must also pay attention to the environment where this cuisine is inserted.

Magnificent architectural and interior design projects are usually made for these spaces. My job as a designer is not to mischaracterize this environment, but to compose it with harmony and great care, giving a more elaborate and special connotation to the occasion. We follow the line of the original project. Furniture, landscaping, and lighting will certainly or hardly change.

Some restaurants allow major interventions such as: changing chair models, repositioning some exposed pieces or replacing the trousseau that will be applied. Others allow you to use the ceiling structure to create aerial elements and thus compose the decoration.

Anyway, everything should be considered before closing with the restaurant, so that it does not generate frustrations. The most important thing is to choose something that you like and that doesn't need major interventions.

Another important and fundamental point is the floral arrangements. These will certainly be present and may vary according to your desire or dream. Always remembering that we will have to follow the reading of the place, regarding the type of material of the pieces and colors of the flowers.

It is very important that you check all the mentioned aspects. Negotiation is essential in this type of event. You'll need to confirm that the venue accepts outside vendors or has its own nomination list for decor, music, and more. Check everything, really everything, before you decide.

I decided to put together a list of interesting restaurants for you to start your search. Why not a Destination Wedding? Have you ever thought about it? Here on the Blog I have an article giving more details on this topic.

Follow the list...

São Paulo - Brazil

Lisbon - Portugal

New York - EUA

Vicolo Nostro


Eleven Madison Park



Le Pavillon



River Café


Fifty Seconds

Le Bernardin Privé




Spaghetti Notte


Tavern on the Green


SUD Lisboa

Bryant Park Grill

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, fica em Tarrytown (45km de Manhattan) .

I'm here for you whenever you need me, just look for me. Contact me through my website or social media.

Have a wonderful wedding! An incredible experience!

Celebrate life and love!


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