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Bridal Bouquets I

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Today I'm going to talk about bridal bouquets. There are many curiosity and doubts about this. So I decided to uncomplicate and show the mystery and secrets that this bouquet has.

How did it come about?

This custom is very old, it started in Ancient Greece. At the time they were made with herbs, grains and garlic and with that they expected garlic to ward off evil spirits and herbs and grains to ensure a fruitful and fed up union.

In the Middle Ages, weddings began to be celebrated in churches. As the bride walked down the aisle, people handed her flowers, herbs and spices, which represented luck and happiness. When the bride reached the end of the journey, she had a bouquet in her hands.

Over time, in Europe, these arrangements became more sophisticated and began to be made with exotic flowers. In Victorian times, c. XIX, it was inappropriate to declare their feelings and with that they created the LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, creating a meaning for each type of flower. Thus, the brides chose the flowers for their bouquet and through it, expressed their feelings.

In Ancient Poland, they believed that by putting sugar in the bride's bouquet, her temperament would always remain "sweet" throughout the wedding.

Why are the bouquet thrown?

At the time, brides made two arrangements. One was blessed by a priest and kept in a glass dome that was exposed in the living room or bedroom.

The other was thrown at the single women at the party. The one who caught it would be the next to get married or have a prosperous life.

Others believed in a “Curse of the Bridal Bouquet”. At a wedding when the bride was getting ready to throw her bouquet and all the singles are anxious to catch it, if a girl caught it and didn't get married 6 months later, she would never get married again.


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