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Celebrating in Portugal: Shall we go?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I am fascinated by destination parties, or, the much coveted Destination Wedding. I recently dived into yet another destination that I'm sure will delight: PORTUGAL!!!

Here you will be able to understand why this country is so charming and, for sure, it will be a new option to celebrate.

Feijó em Portugal

The richness of the culture, the language and the diversity of its landscapes, combined with a sublime cuisine, without forgetting, of course, the wonderful wines, conquers us when we land in this enchanting country.

Portugal, among all European countries, is one of those with the mildest climate, which provides a more springy time for its celebration.

There are currently countless options for spaces with excellent infrastructure for any period of the year.

Feijó em Portugal

Now, you must be wondering: Since space and weather are not problems, how will I set up my party?

We are happy to tell you that the country has local, highly qualified and committed suppliers. Personally, I have several local partners who will welcome you in an incredible way. So, we don't need to take everything from Brazil, we can use what we have there, without a doubt, making the cost infinitely lower.

A wedding in Portugal today, refined, can be held without necessarily spending a lot. Despite saying that getting married in Europe is expensive, as incredible as it may seem, getting married in Brazil is even more expensive!

I have always believed that one of the great advantages of a Destination Wedding is the number of guests.

In this aspect, you will have the presence of people who are really part of your life, those who will be there to celebrate your happiness with you. Therefore, there will be more resources left over for decoration details and investing in good professionals in other areas. A good Wedding Planner with a lot of experience will be essential for your event to be successful and for unforeseen circumstances not to overshadow everyone's happiness.

Portugal, for being a small country, with sea, mountains and many cultural heritages, has been winning several awards in recent years in tourism. It is prepared for all types of weddings. From the most intimate, in the style of the Elopement Wedding, ideal for those couples who don't feel comfortable with many guests and want something more intimate and exotic, to the typical fairytale weddings.

There are Palaces, sailboats on the Tejo River, Vineyards overlooking the Douro, historic ruins or even deserted beaches.

Oh! The culinary! Another memorable aspect that is undoubtedly the apple of the eye of the Portuguese. Today you will have a diversified and highly refined cuisine, accompanied by delicious wines, champagnes and sparkling wines from the region.

The language, which in other European countries can be a barrier, in Portugal becomes another positive point. Yes, there is a difference between Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil, but nothing that is too complicated to understand. Your guests can make the most of the trip and enjoy the country a little more without much hassle. So going out at night, shopping, getting to know other cities will certainly be a much simpler experience.

As you can see, I have a lot to offer and guide you on this journey.

Come talk to me and I'm sure your experience will be unique!


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