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Christmas Table Decoration

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Christmas is a very special celebration for me, as it is a time when I remember my childhood and, in a very special way, my grandmother.

She always showed me that Christmas is the time where we get together with all those we love and share with those who need it most.

The preparations for this occasion are challenging, from the food, to what we will use for the big dinner table.

As I always say, there are no rules to choose it, we need it, it's common sense.

I separated some cool tips to help you in the assembly.

Uma mesa no jardim

Colors: Try to work with the traditional "pantones", red, green, gold.

Details: Abuse the candles! I don't recommend using aromatics. The arrangements, with natural flowers, are always welcome. Play with the pine cones, festoons and twigs between arrangements, it brings a lot of fun to the setting.

Tablecloths e Napkins: Choose a tablecloth, table runners or placemats that are always smooth (no print). The important thing is not to struggle with the details that will be place on these. The napkin should follow the same reading, and if possible, a beautiful ring will make the difference and bring a lot of elegance to your table.

Now it is your turn!!! Create and make your Christmas magical.


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