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Hanging decoration...

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

When the subject is hanging element, I really have to confess... I go crazy!!!

When I started working with wedding decor in 1999, I always sought to innovate. At that time no one spoke of hanging elements. It really didn't exist, or rather, it wasn't used.

I always liked the idea of decorating with pendants. The decoration coming from the ceiling to the floor, in other words, inverted decoration. Would that be possible?

It was in 2003 that I dedicated myself strongly to this. Ideas raced through my head. There were so many... To convince the brides, that was the challenge! It didn't take long for several couples to bet on my project.

From that moment on, the search became constant. Couples came looking for it. Hanging element ideas.

I have been creating these elements for years, which today are replicated by many decorators, something that makes me very happy.

Below I will list some projects so that you know a little more about hanging elements.

I love new options! New challenges for my projects.

Whether simple candles, showers of lights or flowers... Anything goes in that regard.

I hope you are also encouraged to contact us and find your project.


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