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Destination Wedding, dream or reality?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Bahia - Brasil

After several experiences, parties and customers, in Brazil and abroad, I confess to having found, within myself, a certain passion for this theme: Celebrating away from home, YES, why not?

I often say that it is perfect, incredible, but that it will require a lot of planning and organization.

I decided to list some questions to help you understand a little more about this topic.

Will the Marriage be valid in Brazil?

Yes, the marriage performed by foreign authorities is considered valid in Brazil, but in order to produce its legal effects, it must be registered at a Brazilian Consulate in the city/country of the marriage, and later, the documents must be transcribed at the Registry of 1st Civil Registry of the city of residence of the spouses in Brazil. You will have a period of 180 days to do so, counting from the return of one or both spouses to Brazil.

How to choose where to get married?

There is no formula for choosing the perfect destination, as several factors will come into play for this choice.

For example, if your guests are short on time, you really need to look for a place just a few hours' flight away from the venue. Considering that they have a week or 10 days, this “distance” can be reassessed and you will have the possibility to choose a place a little further away.

Personal aspects of your relationship can come into play as well. For example, the country/city where you had a remarkable experience. Someplace that's on your bucket list or a place you went on vacation together.

Location is the key to what you want to achieve. Think about the style you dream of, the experience you want your guests to have, and then make a decision.

New York - USA

What is the biggest misconception about Destination Wedding?

People sometimes don't understand how accessible these places can be. For starters, this type of marriage can offer substantial savings. You can have for the cost of a high quality traditional wedding your experience abroad at a fraction of that cost. Furthermore, the Destination Wedding experience is something you simply can't put a price on.

Should we pay everything for our guests?

There is an expectation that you will pay for normal costs such as the feast, but guests who choose to attend the event will generally be expected to pay for their own travel, accommodation and incidentals. You can direct them to an agency where you got some kind of benefit or package. Another way to offset the cost is to let them know that your presence is the greatest gift you could wish for. A very common action is to provide a day or two for your VIPs, such as close relatives and best friends, to thank them for their support.

As for the warnings, what is the recommendation?

The answer is as short as possible, preferably through a Save the Date. Don't just send the date and destination, try to also have all deals blocked so you can send information about packages, flights and accommodations. It's also worth considering a wedding website so you can update details as they come in or even provide directions to tours, restaurants and more that would be of interest to guests planning to turn the trip into an extended holiday.

Bahia - Brasil

How far in advance should we plan it?

Six to 18 months is a good timeframe for this. It all depends on your ideal date. There are periods that coincide with school holidays or extended holidays. Therefore, I always recommend doing a survey of the calendar year of the country/city in which you are studying.

Does the currency fluctuation have an impact on the cost? How to solve?

I recommend that people keep an eye out and always protect themselves with reservations in the local currency. Talk to your investment manager and comment on your project, he will certainly present you with a solution, so you don't suffer any inconvenience with it close to the long-awaited day.

New York - USA

I think now you can start your search. Have courage and always follow your dream.

My team and I will be delighted to help you and be part of this moment. I can't wait to create your unique decoration project.


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