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How to place table at the right way?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I know it can seem very complicated to follow the various manuals out there, but I'm going to try to make your life much more uncomplicated.

The first tip is to place all the utensils well spaced, this generates harmony and makes it look more organized. Don't forget the basic rule: The layout is always done from the outside in.

Below a formal table image

In casual meals with friends or family, the knives are placed to the right of the plate, always with the blade facing inwards. The soup spoon is on the right, then the knife, then the forks on the left of the plate.

Dessert cutlery can be placed above the plate, horizontally, with the spoon and knife with the handles facing right and fork to the left.

I always recommend using cloth napkins, placemats and never forgetting that a flower or candles at night make your event much more charming and special.


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