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I believe in your dream!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I decided to address this topic, as I have been visited by several customers with ideas that are not always well accepted by other decorators.

I was surprised, because for me, nothing is more challenging than a complex or different idea, where I have to reproduce it in the world of events and parties.

The decorator, like the therapist, is a professional who deals with people's dreams, desires and emotions. This dream can be the result, for example, of a mixture of desire or the reflection of a certain lifestyle, memories of environments or fantasies from childhood, adolescence or any other that pass through our mind.

We must go beyond asking the customer what he wants. We need to see the world through their eyes.

In the project phase, the main objective is to make him recognize all the value that we are delivering with our approach. The customer needs to feel comfortable and confident.

That's how I bring parties to life. My mission is to make everything possible and make my client happy and fulfilled.

Below are some success stories and lots of joy!!!! Live your dream and don't give up on it, come see me, I'm here waiting for you.

Upside-down cake, lots of color, lots of details, lots of dreams and desires. Why not? Let's do it, was my answer.

My client dreamed of a ceremony full of sunflowers. She was devastated that other decorators refused to execute. Why not? Let's do it!!!!


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