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Sweet 16 on a Destination Trip

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Because teenagers have changed!!!!

15 years in Brazil or 16 in the USA has always been a milestone in a woman's life. The whole family was eagerly awaited. And how do teenagers see this date today?

Today the teenager has really changed her way of thinking. That girl who blossomed and is looking for a prince charming, doesn't exist anymore. Upon turning 15, she begins her journey in search of personal achievements. She is looking for something new, to experiment, that really motivates her. Therefore, being a wife or mother is something that is very far from your current scenario. Her motto is to travel, enjoy, ballads and friends, lots of friends to share this moment with.

We did an editorial on this incredible destination that is Fasano de Angra dos Reis. You will be able to see and follow the magnificent work done by the photographer Isabel Machado. The beauty production was signed by Alessandra Grochko, resort line dresses by Mariana Kuenerz and contemporary design jewelry by Sarah Lemon.

Boat trips, luau and an incredible ballad! All this washed down with a spectacular gastronomy to celebrate your birthday.

We are waiting for you and, we are sure, that your 15 years will be unforgettable!


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