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The Passion for the Exotic!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

One of the oldest plants in the world, Protea is a flower from South Africa and represents transformation and hope.

Flowers are always associated with delicacy and fragility, but here we have a botanical species that is far from traditional. Native to South Africa, Protea is an extremely exotic flower. It represents transformation and hope. Full of personality, its shape is its greatest highlight.

The name derives from the Greek god Proteus, a deity with the power of metamorphosis, among others. The name is very well used since they are known for their immense variety and diversity of flowers and leaves.

Despite being originally from Africa, it is already reproduced in other parts of the globe, in regions with full sun and dry climate. California is one of the great producers of the flower. The northeast of Brazil is also part of this list of producers.

Compared to most cut flowers, Protea has a longer shelf life. In addition to being able to be preserved and used in dry arrangements.


Tip: when its leaves turn brown, don't discard the flower, simply remove the water from the vase and observe how over the next few weeks it will dry completely, maintaining its structure. Ready, she can now turn into an arrangement and decorate her home or office.

My tip for today is: Make your bouquet with Protea and join the list of bold brides.

See you next time!!


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